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Who We Are

Paws was born after Elaine struggled with her mental health and decided enough was enough. After deciding it was time to do what she loved, Elaine set about working out a way to incorporate cats and her family into a job. She joked about a Cat Cafe idea being the ideal location to come and feel calm and relaxed away from all the usual hustle and bustle of life. She soon realised that was exactly what she wanted. After making the decision, Lauren her daughter, joined the team as Paws Manager and after 18 months of planning and finding a suitable location - Paws opened it's doors.



Meet the Team

On your visit you are likely to meet some of our core team members, here are their stories!

Meet the Cats

Once the idea of a Cat Cafe came about it was time to work out just how the cats could fit into all this in the best way. We decided that we wanted to make a difference and rescue cats who may be finding it harder to find homes or had specific needs. All of our Cats were rescued and most came from Romney House Cat Rescue.
If you want to sponsor any one of our feline friends and learn more please scroll down.

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